In the spirit of the Ides of March …

… at least, kinda sorta.  I love this:

The Debtstar

Alas, it’s not mine, and I’d be happy to give credit if I knew who’d made it.

Also, on that topic, tea parties! I know, it’s silly pointless lazy to link something the InstaReynolds has posted, but his pics on the Cincinatti Tea Party are great (love the kids).

And in that artery …

National Tax Day Tea Party (w/ some state-by-state info)

RE Tea Party (cool site, some state-by-state, video, even T-shirts)

New American Tea Party (w/ some bigger backers)

Kansas City Tea Party blog (nice set of links)

Nebraska Tea Party blog (kinda sparse)

Albuquerque Tea Party blog (looks pretty active)

And the rant heard round the world:

(There’s a transcript, at Freedom Eden. And check out the Wall of Shame on the sidebar. Kinda scary.)

Finally, Scott Ott has his say:

CNBC reporter Rick Santelli, whose passionate rant about the Obama housing rescue plan, and call for a “Chicago Tea Party” became a viral internet video, was arrested today by armed officers from the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) covert special forces division.

Held without bail at an undisclosed “brownfield site”, Santelli faces several counts of reckless endangerment of wildlife habitat after he threatened to rally capitalists to dump “derivative securities” into Lake Michigan as a way of re-enacting the Boston Tea-Party protest of 1773.

Read it all!

Well, there’s my strike against Ceasar, tu brutes.

Go on!


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