happy recovery-from-st.-patty’s-day day

I’m on the mend. You?

I had a pint at John Harvards called the Black Watch Stout, which was described as in the tradition of Irish stouts. Whoever named that either, one, belongs on Obama’s foreign policy team, or two, really belongs on our foreign policy team for UK / Ireland.

My first thought was, the Black Watch is a Scottish regiment, silly rabbit. This is why the one who named / described it should be on Obama’s team. With insults so far to Britain (what special relationship?) and Brazil, and errors with Russia (over-charge us!) and Ireland, it just makes sense.

Then I did a little snooping around, and found that The Black Watch is the name of an Irish rebel song, and so now I think maybe, just maybe, the guy who wrote the description might well be a very subtle player indeed.

Anyway, hope you had a good one!

Go on!


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