today we make fun of jack cafferty

Utterly randomly found CNN on the tube this afternoon and, brain flogged by hours of reading in foreign languages and theological discussion, I actually watched for a few minutes. Jack Cafferty was on, threatening Congresscritters who might vote against Obama’s attempt to bankrupt America by saying something like the people still love Obama, but Congress’ numbers are way down, so think about that before you oppose his attempt to destroy the American economy.

Oddly, just yesterday I was reading a post by Mr. Cafferty titled “Is the American Dream Dead?” that included the words:

In the meantime, as the federal government continues to print money that isn’t worth the paper it’s written on and as our national debt soars past $11 trillion, a United Nations panel is set to recommend that the world ditch the U.S. dollar as its reserve currency in favor of a shared basket of currencies.

One of the enduring strengths of the dollar has been that it has always been the currency of choice in times of crisis. But that’s not the case anymore. Our ballooning deficits have driven down the value of the dollar so much that the Chinese government recently asked for guarantees from Washington that the Treasury bills they own are safe.

All of this isn’t lost on the average American. Last week there were protests and demonstrations by taxpayers in cities all around the country who are beginning to object in increasing numbers to runaway government spending, taxes, bailouts and our growing national debt. These protests were called tea parties. Has a familiar ring to it, doesn’t it?

I heartily approved of his take then; what changed? Why is even more debt not only acceptable today, but worth talking tough to Congress to get them to accept? I dunno, maybe ‘cuz he’s thinking about how unpopular the media is these days and wants to be seen praising the popular kid in the class so everyone will like him / his news organization? Just a guess.

But then, by ‘TV personality,’ don’t we mean ‘someone we shouldn’t take seriously’?

Go on!


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