tax revolt in Chicago

Seems Chicagoans are unhappy with the privatization of their parking meters, leading to $2-$3 per hour rates in some places. Smashingly unhappy, in some cases.

The Expired Meter is quite interesting – it has put up explicit instructions from its readers on how to sabotage the meters. (Ooh, I feel so subversive all of a sudden!)

The ending of the post is quite dramatic, but I question the wisdom of letting this get published, Chicago Tom:

“After more than 20 years here I’m done, just done,” says Chicago Tom. “Our condo is for sale and when it does, we’re outta here. In one last act of defiance, my wife is going to drive our car and intentionally get a red light ticket with photo/video – we’ll have the plates disguised. When the video/photo is viewed, they’ll see my bare ass pressed against the back window accompanied a couple middle fingers. We’ll then drive out of town for the last time.”

Seems that might be used as evidence.

The comments are fun as well.

Now this makes much more sense.

And yes, this does have a ‘tea party’ tag, why do you ask?

Oh, go on!


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