PJTV Citizen Reporter Signup for Tax Day Tea Party

Getting ready for a tea party, I think I might go as media.

This actually brings up an interesting question.  I sincerely sympathize with this movement, and if I don’t go as media I’ll go to participate.  Given that I think my sympathies are probably normal for PJTV citizen reporters, I have to ask how much can reporting of these events be trusted?  Is what goes up on the PJTV site reporting or cheerleading?

We already have biased media; do we need more of it?  Maybe we do.  I think PJTV is covering things from a highly neglected viewpoint and maybe we really do need this bias to balance what comes from the MSM.  However, idealist that I am, I still hope somewhere out there we have real journalists who still believe in providing objective news reporting, and if I am going to be a reporter, that is what I will strive to do.  And if we are going to train citizen journalists, I hope that is what we are going to train them to do as well

It would be useful for PJTV to run a series on how to conduct citizen journalism.  Maybe I should write and suggest that.

Now, go on!


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