Apocalypse Meow trailer – English subtitles

Here it is!

For those keeping track, you can check my quick translation below.  There are some places where I clearly made mistakes.  On the other hand, there are places these subtitles are just wrong.  For example, where Packy says “We have to snipe from here,” it’s clearly “You snipe from here,” but overall I like the translation, especially “we’ll get’er done” for “yareru sa.”  That’s funny, even if I do think it clashes with Packy’s professionalism.  (“We can do it” is technically better and in character.)

On the lines I had the most problems with, this must be a rough ‘translate the sense and not the sentence’ situation.  “I’m better with this gun than you guys thought …” is not the literal translation, but it’s as good as anything I came up with (“I killed him!  This might work!” — not my finest moment as a translator).

The one line I’m a bit baffled about is “Don’t go easy on them, just ’cause they’re cute!”  I translated it the exact opposite: “With such cute faces you’ll forgive them!” because I think the ending ‘nee’ indicates agreement, while whoever did the subtitles seems to think it’s a negative.  But, the negative would be ‘na,’ surely.  Or maybe I’m missing something.  Of course “So cute they can get away with it!” might be better w/ my understanding of the line.

Anyway, comparing translations is interesting.  It’s also interesting to go back to something you’ve done before and see what you’d do differently now.  I enjoy doing this – does that make me odd?

Oh – Go on!

(H/t to Anime Comments and Review again for this.)


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