Wonkette – Queen Teabagger

Wonkette the Teabagging Queen™ is really into this thing; I mean, she LOVES it! “Teabag this” and “teabag that,” and she doesn’t even get it! She has no clue why those people are out there. It’s great!

Wonkette, Teabagging Queen™, is the perfect symbol of the contemporary left: Oversexualized to the point of boredom, reads everything through a haze of codewords such that “Christian Capitalist American Heart and Soul” is seen as anti-Jewish, views her opponents through such powerful essentialist lenses that regardless of what sentiment they express she’ll drolly explain “it’s (pick your ad hominem dismissal)”, and clueless as to actual events, such as the fact that State recently replaced the word terrorism with the euphemism man-caused disaster. And she really thinks she is smarter than her objects of derision, which is just the icing on the teabag.

Go on!


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