Understanding the Other Side – It’s Key

Open Blog over at Ace of Spades HQ has an excellent post about how many on the left see the Tea Parties that just took place. It is essential to understand those you don’t agree with for three reasons:

  1. To truly consider your own positions and test them against the best those who differ can offer,
  2. To be able to consider and argue against them in the most persuasive way, and
  3. To anticipate the ways they may argue against your beliefs.

Here’s an excerpt, but the whole thing is well worth reading:

The two things that jump out at me about this are the following:

1) Most of the Left believes that the title of the protests was Teabagging, not Tea Parties.

2) The belief on the Left is that this was a centrally coordinated and executed set of protests from Right Wing Central.

Go on!


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