Obama and the Czars, the Cars, Whatever

So it’s late and I’m reading Mad Minerva, as I often do, and she has a post up about Obama’s administration having more czars than the Romanov dynasty.  So then I’m all about the Czars – great band.  I love Magic, Let’s Go … Oh, yeah, I know, but as I was sayin’, it’s late, and so you may think I’m crazy, but these lyrics start going through my head and I’m imagining a video to go along with it.

Obama, in purple jacket and sunglasses, singing to, alternately, Wright, Ayers, Rezko, the Soddy King, Chavez, etc.

You might think I’m crazy to hang around with you.  Maybe you think I’m lucky to have something to do (flash Presidential seal).  …  You might think it’s foolish, what you put me through.  You might think I’m crazy, all I want is you. …

Alas, had I just the time to do this properly …

Oh, go on!


2 Responses to “Obama and the Czars, the Cars, Whatever”

  1. This reminds me of a silly conversation I was having with some friends about the automaker bailout. What do we call the guy put in charge of that little enterprise? The “Car Czar”? The “Auto-Crat”?

  2. “Auto-crat” – now THAT’S funny. How about the Czar of Internal Combustion – assuming it all goes up in smoke, of course.

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