America Is Doomed, or, Our Looterocracy

As GM and Chrysler swirl around the drain, California leaps into the sink after them. The decision was made long ago, of course – the voters refusal to raise taxes is quite justified. Tell me, wouldn’t California’s rags to riches to excess to broke make a great movie?

Politicians: the Looter Class. No matter the question their answer is always Give me more, more, more! Well, loot the rich and the rich leave. Game theory has told us that for some time now, and Doc Russia gives an example in the medical profession. The Looter Class: our idiocrats. And, I always thought it was rank hypocrisy that caused Aerosmith to cut the song Eat the Rich. Do they really think, with all their millions and fame, that they are one of us? Please.

America seems to be in some big trouble, and all our leaders are doing is rearranging deck chairs and looting the ship’s silver. We need a new class of politicians. I’m hoping the Tea Parties start raising some, but we aren’t going to be nearly ready to entirely replace the House and 1/3 of the Senate in 2010. We won’t even be close, but that’s what is needed.

Oh.  Go on.  What else are you going to do?


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