Hey, Obama, How’s That Talk Thing Working Out?

Cuz somehow North Korea’s nuclear test, followed by missile tests, and its restarting of the nuke plant that produces its plutonium, and its threat to respond militarily to South Korean interventions, doesn’t sound like quite the direction we wanted to go with our Hopenchange™ presidency that promised everyone around the world would love us if we only crawled around on the floor like a dog who wanted his belly rubbed. But it sounded good; who can resist rubbing a cute dog’s belly when it’s on its back like that? Really.  I can’t.

Go on, then.


2 Responses to “Hey, Obama, How’s That Talk Thing Working Out?”

  1. ahahahha, i knew conservatives would somehow find a way to blame Obama.

  2. First, I’m not a conservative, nor for that matter a Republican.

    Next, Bush invaded two nations, which, regardless of whether or not it was the right thing to do, sends the message that he must be taken seriously. Obama wants to play nice with everyone, which means everyone can ignore him.

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