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The Turtlenecked Hairshirt

Posted in Grad School, Revolution with tags , , , on January 10, 2010 by lumpy

DING-DING-DING We have a winner, folks!

I don’t think our prescriptions for a cure would necessarily be the same, but the diagnosis seems spot on to me:

The problem is not the humanities as a discipline (who can blame a discipline?), the problem is its members. We are insufferable. We do not want change. We do not want centrality. We do not want to speak to nor interact with the world. We mistake the tiny pastures of private ideals with the megalopolis of real lives. We spin from our mouths retrograde dreams of the second coming of the nineteenth century whilst simultaneously dismissing out of our sphincters the far more earnest ambitions of the public at large—religion, economy, family, craft, science.

Humanists work hard, but at all the wrong things, the commonest of which is the fetid fester of a hypothetical socialist dreamworld, one that has become far more disconnected with labor and material than the neoliberalism it claims to replace.

Humanism does not deserve to carry the standard for humans, for frankly it despises them.

Read the whole thing, folks.  The man is on a rampage.

Oh, go on!