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The Discussion

Posted in Assumptions on March 14, 2009 by lumpy

Every blog is a discussion. Every discussion has assumptions.

In any argument, the common assumptions of a community carry the weight of rendition extradition perdition oh heck, they are assumed to be true, and any contradictory statement must bear the burden of truth sleuth Babe Ruth, um, proof.

Some of the common assumptions of this blog are:

  1. To contribute to a discussion, you have to say something worthwhile to the rest of the participants. Interjecting random thoughts, spouting off a simple contradictory statement, or lacing comments with profanity or rudeness, isn’t contributing but rather detracting from the discussion. And so annoying that it may get your comment rewritten in a way I find amusing.
  2. Oh, the first assumption of this blog is that I, dear friends, am the owner / operator / janitor, and will therefore set the assumptions, some of which I will make up as I go in a random fashion that needn’t suit anyone but myself. Life is random and unfair, so we must often trust ourselves to the good will of our fellow human beans Boeings, er, beings.

What else can we assume? Hmm, maybe two is enough for the opening of a blog. I’ll add more if need be.

Finally, this is a thinking blog. That is to say, it is not a thought out blog but rather a blog in the process of thinking things out. I welcome all help and discussion, pursuant to the above assumptions, in doing that.

As they say on the firing range in the British Army, Go on!