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A Worthy Effort for Homefront Heroes

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Vampire 06 at Afghanistan Shrugged is having a fund raiser for the women that keep our soldiers going. It’s a great-looking T and the cash goes to a worthy cause.

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This Spells “Fragging” to Me

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According to NewScientist, the National Academy of Science is claiming that neuroscience may help improve soldiers’ performance on the battlefield:

If a soldier is struggling, a digital “buddy” might step in and warn them about nearby threats, or advise comrades to zap them with an electromagnet to increase their alertness.

Oh yeah, zapping a fully armed soldier in combat to “increase their alertness” sounds like a fragging waiting to happen. Also, think of the practical jokes you could play with that …

Finally, if these weren’t the first things to occur to you when you read that line, you probably haven’t served in the infantry.

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Fourteen Years Later …

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A post by Gabriel Malor, his memories of the Murrah Building bombing.  That event was formative for many people, both near and far from the physical location.  Among other things, it taught me that there are men dedicated to evil who cannot be reasoned with.  Many people in this world are so blinded by ideology and lies about history that they cannot understand what you are saying.  When those people take the step to kill others, they must be destroyed.

Thunder Run: A Good Way to Keep Up

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with the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Thunder Run, in addition to the author’s own work, basically acts as an aggregator presenting links w/ brief quotes to posts from milbloggers and others regarding the war.

It’s a good place to go for your daily updates.

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how sweet – ‘I shoot you because I care’

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Vampire 06 over at Afghanistan Shrugged writes a caring, sensitive letter to the Taliban he’s hunting down and killing. Can the Army get any kinder and gentler? Maybe he could send chocolates with the JDAMs, or some special, culturally sensitive present if chocolate is too much the product of the evil American Satan.

Here’s a snippet, but for the whole weepy-eyed experience, you’ll have to click the link above.

Dear Mr Taliban (ACM, AAF, Booger Eater, EOP, Bad Guy or whatever),

Over time I’ve received emails and comments on this blog that I’m insensitive to your culture. Evidently, I should endeavor to be more tolerant and politically correct in my quest to kill you with every means at my disposal.

After much self reflection I’ve seen the error in my ways and thought I’d write you a brief note to apologize for my actions and those of my compatriots in Team Vampire. I now see how my attempts to incinerate, ventilate and generally cause mayhem could possible hurt your feelings and offend your sensibilities. For that I apologize.

I also, thought that your headquarters were nice. Blowing it up on Christmas Eve may have seemed arbitrary and unfair. I can see how you’d think that. Really, let’s try to be honest with each other. Is there really a good day to have your building blown up? I don’t think there is. I also now realize that you don’t celebrate Christmas so the holiday season had minimal impact on you.

It did for me as I have a family at home who I’d rather be with; instead hunting you through the mountains. However, I’m here so it seemed like a good thing to do for the holidays. I may not see you on the 4th of July so I thought it best to have fireworks for Christmas. I empathize with you now that it may have been inconvenient for you. Once again sorry.

It’s really sweet; you should read the whole thing.

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