Apocalypse Meow – Bugs’ Grandkids Go to Town

It’s everywhere – I first saw the trailer over at Mad Minerva’s and had to translate it. Just had to. Then I found it at Ace and HotAir.

According to Anime News Network, Apocalypse Meow is a new anime series that’s an update of the old Catshit One manga. Apparently, it is still in production and is planned to run 12 episodes.

Here’s the official website, though there’s not much there besides a cool photo. Here’s the story on Wikipedia.

Here’s the trailer. My translation follows.

NOTE: This translation was done quickly and for fun, so there are certainly errors. Also, there are characters in the opening that were too blurry to read, so I just guessed in places.

NOTE 2: The video is clearer at Affenheimtheater (link below) and so I’ve made some corrections. It’s still a rough translation, however.

(Opening story)

Private Military Corporations (Minkan Gunji Kaisha)

A new type of military organization.

Due to the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the end of the Cold War the USA became the center of many nations who decreased military spending, and many of a new breed of soldier were born.

With the end of the Cold War the strength of the great nations declined and around the world terrorist activity and civil war raged, there were a number of ethnic conflicts, and the need for those with special skills rose. Soldiers who had lost their places in the great armies answered that need and sold their combat skills.

That was the beginning of the private military corporations.


Botasky (Sniper): Wait! Packy, can we do this by ourselves?

Packy (w/ hat): If we don’t do it now, those two will be killed. We can coordinate by wireless. You shoot from here. I’ll flank them and go in close. Don’t worry; we can handle it.

[Packy flanks, Botasky acquires a target and fires]

Botasky: I killed him! This might work! (Trans. note: This is pretty iffy; I really have no idea what he actually said. Maybe even: “That’s a lot of blood! You heard, right?” Or maybe something completely different.)

[scene change]

Packy: You just increase the risk, so it’s better not to come.

[after Packy takes out bad guys w/ the rocket launcher, the following appears]

With such cute faces you’ll forgive them!

Update: The video quality is better over at Affenheimtheater.

Update 2: Oh how I wish I had titled this post “Apocalypse Meow — Bugs’ Goes Blackwater”!

Update 3: Okay, I added a bit to the translator’s note. And I took a paragraph out for a new post. So this post officially wins the award for most sliced, diced and spliced post of the month.

Update 4: New posts on this topic – why have bunnies blow terrorists away, English version manga $175, and video with English subtitles, so you can check my work.

Go on!


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